Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 24-2
is offering About Boating Safely course

Successful completion of this 8-hour ABS course satisfies the Connecticut licensing requirements for both boats and Personal Watercraft (PWC).
Instruction will cover all the basic topics involved in the safe operation of recreational boating and seamanship. It will also cover safe personal watercraft operation.
Flotilla 24-2 is located at 1 Birdseye Street, Stratford, CT.
(At the Birdseye Boat Ramp)
About Boating Safely (ABS)
$49.00 *Pre-Registration is required
MAR 12    APR 9    MAY 14    JUN 11
JUL 9    AUG 13    SEP 10    OCT 15
Charts and Navigation
$60.00 *Pre-Registration is required
MAR 19    MAY 28    SEP 17
This course ties together electronic navigation and the method of plotting a course on a paper chart. Instructions on basic satellite navigation (GPS) and its functions are presented as well as pros and cons of relying on electronic navigation devices. Students will be instructed how to interpret and use information printed on charts as well as chart a course using that information and navigation tools.
Plotting tools are included.
For enrollment information
call Brian at (203) 381-2085 or
or visit our main website.
You can also use our Registration form .
Please Note:
All students will need to obtain a State of CT Conservation ID Number before taking the ABS/PWC class.
Go HERE and register for a FREE ID number